International Primary Care Association Sun, 16 Jun 2019 17:46:25 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb RCGP announces Council election results

Six RCGP members have been elected to the College’s governing Council following a national membership ballot.

They will take up their seats at the College Council meeting in November 2013 and serve for three years.

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Olympus shows commitment to innovation by launching the Sonicbeat device

Olympus has launched the SONICBEAT, an innovative laparoscopic surgical device. The SONICBEAT is new to the UK and forms part of Olympus’ enhanced range of energy products. It is a sister product to the acclaimed THUNDERBEAT that has taken the medical device market by storm.

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RCGP celebrates inspirational general practice


GPs from across the UK have been recognised for their contribution to high quality patient care by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

 A selection of awards, fellowships, and medals were presented at the RCGP’s Annual General Meeting College to GPs and other healthcare professionals who have worked towards furthering high quality general practice.

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Peers probe government on EU health policies


Lords holds one-off evidence session with Earl Howe, Health Minister -

The state of play with various EU health policies, including their potential impact in the UK, will be at the heart of the House of Lords Home Affairs, Health and Education EU Sub-Committee, when they question Earl Howe, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Quality at the Department of Health, on Wednesday 21 November.

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The Nairobi Hospital in Kenya Commences Treating Cancer with Advanced Radiotherapy Delivers Using Equipment and Software


A modern linear accelerator has been installed at The Nairobi Hospital in Kenya to provide local cancer patients with advanced radiotherapy treatments for the first time. The hospital hopes to treat up to 50 patients a day on the newly-installed Clinac® DMX machine from Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR) of Palo Alto, California.

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RCGP TARGETs antibiotics prescribing

The RCGP has launched a toolkit containing new guidance for GPs and their patients on the appropriate prescription of antibiotics. The guidance provides a simple, effective, and cost-effective approach to the treatment of common infections to minimise the emergence of bacterial resistance in the community.

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Stroke victims four times more likely to die than heart attack sufferers in A&E

The Department of Health has published figures that reveal that the number people admitted to hospital through Accident and Emergency suffering from a stroke are four times more likely to die than those who have suffered a heart attack and admitted through Accident and Emergency. They were also 3 times more likely to die within 30 days from admission than patients suffering from a hip fracture.

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Patients to benefit as new processes help pharmacists know if prescriptions have changed while in hospital

New guidance was published today showing how the New Medicine Service (NMS) and post discharge Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) can be used to provide a seamless care pathway for patients who transfer from hospital to the community setting.

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RCGP Members Support Withdrawal of the Bill says RCGP Survey.

Nearly three quarters of respondents to a poll carried out by the Royal College of General Practitioners think that it is appropriate to seek the withdrawal of the Health and Social Care Bill.

When asked if the College should call for the Bill to be withdrawn as part of a joint approach with other medical royal colleges, more than 98% of respondents said they strongly supported (65.8%) or supported (32.4%) such action.

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New Chair-elect for RCGP

Dr Maureen Baker CBE is the new Chair-elect of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). She will succeed the current Chair Dr Clare Gerada in November 2013.

In the election, conducted by Electoral Reform Services, Dr Baker received 37 votes and Dr Steve Mowle 21 votes, out of a possible 67 votes.

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