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Statin intolerance versus cognitive traps: challenges and opportunities for your patients

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Severe symptoms while taking statins are distressing not only for the patients suffering them but also for the doctors wanting to prevent heart attacks and strokes. In this article, we discuss how symptoms during statin treatment statins can be commonly reported and yet be no more common on real statins than placebo in patients participating in randomised controlled trials. If a patient (and their doctor) wants to know the true symptomatic effect of statins there is now a way to achieve this. We describe how an individual can use a prepared set of statin, placebo and tablet free periods to separate the three components of side effects potentially attributable to statins: ever-present background symptoms, nocebo effect, and pharmacological sideeffects. This approach may enable general practitioners to provide low cost, scientifically secure, personalised medicine.

Additional Info

  • Authors: FA Wood & DP Francis
  • Keywords: Statin intolerance, nocebo effect, placebo effect
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