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Unwanted Tropical Souvenirs

As global travel becomes more accessible, so is the incidence of diseases in the returning traveller. Secondary to gastrointestinal and fever of unknown origin, dermatological presentations are the most prevalent complaints with which patients present. Dermatoses can be non-infective, such as sunburn or worsening of eczema, or infective, and can be specific to the travelled area, such as Dengue or Zika, or can be also be found at home, such as cellulitis. Dermatological presentations are varied, and result in rashes, blisters, bullae, nodules or plaques, to name a few. This review aims to outline some of the most common conditions seen in the returning traveller; both those with primary and secondary dermatological manifestations, and how to manage them appropriately.

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  • Authors: SJ Mounsey & E Marrinan
  • Keywords: Tropical diseases, Tropical dermatology, Rash, Cutaneous infections
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