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The oesophagus and the Lungs

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The oesophagus is a highly specialised muscular tube, whose function is to transport food from the mouth to the stomach, where the process of digestion starts. This requires an efficient and coordinated process. Due to its proximity to the lungs, disorders of the oesophagus may present to the respiratory physician and may be wrongly treated as respiratory disorders. 

Chronic cough is defined as cough that persists for more than 8 weeks. Its exact prevalence has proved difficult to estimate and recurrent cough is reported by 3-40% of the population1-4 It is also a common reason for attendance to a health clinic and can be very difficult to treat. Chronic cough may be due to underlying oesophageal disorders.

This review article discusses the oesophageal disorders that can present with respiratory symptoms.

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  • Authors: S Georgieva, M Bhumenahalli, J Mazumdar, S Raghunath, P Bhatia & M Abdelaziz
  • Keywords: Oesophagus, Lungs, Clinical Focus
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