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International Primary Care Association

Clinical Focus Volume 7 N1

Volume 7 Issue 1 - 2013

Anxiety disorders are common mental disorders that present in primary care services. Anxiety is a common and universal feeling that can manifest as a disorder when associated with a cluster of symptoms and socio-occupational dysfunction. The common childhood anxiety disorders, their presentation in primary care and management are discussed.

The fundamental importance of diet in the role of disease and also in its treatment is discussed. It is key for the inclusion of dietary modifications in treatment plan of patients.

Hirsutism is the term used for excessive terminal hair of male pattern distribution seen in women. Hirsutism is different from hypertrichosis which is a generalised excessive hair growth of non sexual distribution. Studies on hirsutism and scoring systems have shown that about 5 percent of women of reproductive age group have hirsutism. There are ethnic differences in normal hair distribution. It is rare for women with mild hirsutism and regular periods to have a serious medical problem but on the other hand rapidly progressive or new onset hirsutism especially if associated with virilising features may point towards a more serious diagnosis.

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