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International Primary Care Association

Clinical Focus Volume 6 N3

Volume 6 Issue 3 - 2012

Crystal arthritis presents often as a monoarticular hot swollen joint. Hot swollen joints are a common presentation with a number of differential diagnoses. The most serious of these is septic arthritis, which should always be considered before making an alternative diagnosis. Hot swollen joints commonly have other underlying diagnoses, including crystal arthritis, reactive arthritis, haemarthrosis and a monoarticular presentation of polyarthritis. Here we review the crystal arthropathies Gout and Pseudogout (now termed Calcium pyrophosphate deposition or CPPD).

Secondary prevention of stroke can make a significant difference to a patient’s outcome. Identifying the aetiology of the stroke and treating the modifiable risk factors must be a priority. Education must continue to reiterate that stroke is a medical emergency.

This article hopes to update primary care teams about diabetic microvascular complications, to provide an overview of important scientific evidence, and to focus on aspects of screening, diagnosis and prevention with a special emphasis on NICE recommendations


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