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Respiratory Case Book

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Abstract Respiratory diseases account for a large proportion of the primary care workload. This article reviews five cases referred to our chest clinic from primary care highlighting five common clinical problems encountered by general practitioners. The first section begins with a discussion of the options available to prevent recurrent exacerbations of COPD. Palliation of breathlessness in advanced respiratory disease is a difficult clinical problem and the role of anxiolytics, opioids and oxygen therapy are discussed. Chronic cough is one of the most common chronic respiratory problems encountered by GP’s and this case is used to highlight the various steps in investigation and empirical management of this difficult problem. Finally, a lady with recurrent respiratory tract infections and asthma in pregnancy are reviewed and discussed.

Additional Info

  • Authors: Stuart Schembri, Dr James D Chalmers.
  • Keywords: COPD, Cough, asthma, pregnancy, infection, bronchiectasis, palliative care.
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