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Delivering Public Health in Primary Care: Role of General Practitioners with Special Interest in Public Health

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General Practitioner with Special Interest (GPwSI) is one of the pledges made by the Government to formalise the role of specialists in Primary Care to minimise hospital referrals and take pressure off secondary care. Although, there are guidelines for appointment of GPwSI in clinical areas there are none available for GPwSI in Public Health. In this article we describe the Walsall experience and highlight the role of GPwSI in public health by describing some of the work done by them in certain key areas of public health practice. This article describes the benefits of having GPwSI in public health, the challenges faced in commissioning GPwSIs in public health practice and makes recommendations for popularising them, including methods for accreditation.

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  • Authors: A Shankar, F Abdul, N Sahota & S Ramaiah
  • Keywords: General Practitioner, GPwSI, Public Health, Primary Care, Walsall
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