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Launching skintoskinĀ®: revolutionary relief for sufferers of skin conditions

Do you have eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fungal infections or other skin disorders that make life wretched for you?Ā 

Or is your child, relative or friend affected by them?

Itchy, flaky, angry skin, red patches, and constant discomfort when in contact with clothes, can be living misery for millions.Ā 

skintoskinHowever for sufferers who feel there is no respite, life has just got better - with the UK launch of NHS-approved skintoskinĀ®Ā 

skintoskinĀ® is revolutionary. It is a specialist, 'bio-functional' range of clothing for babies, children, women and men, that, through scientific nanotechnology formulation, brings much-needed alleviation from severe skin conditions.Ā 

The skintoskinĀ® range of natural cotton undergarments is made with fibres which incorporate seaweed extracts, and silver salts.

These have been proven under rigorous clinical testing to prevent itchiness and irritation, giving protection and comfort to the wearer. It is truly like wearing a second skin.Ā 

However, skintoskinĀ® isn't just more comfortable, and doesn't just lessen scratching, it can help reduce a condition's severity too.Ā 

Bacterial colonies are one thousand times higher in the inflamed skin of people who suffer from skin conditions
, particularly atopic dermatitis.Ā 

With their own unique properties, the seaweed and silver particles in skintoskinĀ® work together to maintain a healthy skin flora, drastically reducing the growth of any potentially harmful bacteria on the skin. The result for wearers is blissful relief.

People who have tried skintoskinĀ® garments have seen a marked improvement in their conditions. One parent, Eric, was overjoyed at the difference in his 6-year-old son after only a day of using skintoskinĀ® socks. Red, sore, flaky patches of eczema cleared up in just 24 hours once the itch and scratch cycle for the child had been broken. On average, a reduction in atopic dermatitis is seen after 8 days.Ā 

skintoskinĀ® uses very few dyes, with no other chemical or adverse manufacturing techniques.



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